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21001 Moross Rd, Detroit, MI 48236
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Anna Gray. I‘ve grown up in a family where I was taught to believe in God. It’s always been just normal for me to go to church every  Sunday, but I now realize that most people don’t go to church. I have devoted my life to God so I can set an example to all my friends that God is amazing and that He made us.

I want to get baptized to show that my true identity is in Christ and to show that I want to encounter God more. It is time for me to devote my whole life to God, not just most of it. I want to be as much like Him as I can.

I’d like to thank my parents, brothers, and my     sisters for being such good examples of how to be a follower of Christ. My brothers taught me that you can always make time for God, even when you are very busy. My parents always pray for me and make sure that I am on track with God and they show me how to live as a follower of Christ. My   sisters always push me to not follow the crowd, but follow God. So, thank you family! You really do make a difference in my life.

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