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Our Trips

   Impact your life and the lives of others by engaging firsthand in what God is doing around the world.


A Short-Term Mission experience will help you:

  • See the world through God’s eyes.
  • Experience authentic Christian community through relationships and experiences.
  • Contribute meaningfully, humbly and energetically to the team.
  • Integrate new learning into your faith and life back home.
  • Gain a better understanding of the global church.
  • Understand your next steps to living out God’s calling on your life. 
  • Meet, encourage and learn from our ministry partners who are serving in some of most difficult places and circumstances in the world.

If you are interested in any of the following trips, please fill out the attached application and Karen Cann will contact you. Questions?  Email Karen Cann or call her at 313.882.3000 ext 250.

BELIZE, CENTRAL AMERICA (June 16-22, 2018)   *FULL*

While in Belize, we will be partnering with a local church that has a need for the skills & abilities we offer. The ministries we could serve in range from leading sports or VBS camps, engaging in prayer walks through the community, organizing a worship night, and even building a new addition to the pastor’s home. Because we will remain under the leadership of this church, the vision is to make sure that whatever service we provide has a lasting impact and is sustainable after we leave.

ROME, ITALY (August, 2018)  *FULL*

While in Rome, we'll be serving our ministry partners Rob and May. They 
lead a network of people who do Business for Transformation, opening and running businesses in some of the hardest places in the world and being a Christian presence in neighborhoods where "missionaries" would not be allowed.  These business people and their families will be gathering in Rome for a biannual conference that teaches and cares for these cross-cultural workers. We will be providing a worship team, a prayer team, and a child-care team for the conference. There will also be a couple of days for recreation and seeing some of the amazing sights in Rome before we travel home.