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Unsung Heroes

The Bible is filled with stories of heroes and heroic tales. These are the stories we teach our young ones and, as adults, lean into for inspiration. We remember some of the great heroes like Abraham, Moses, David, and Paul, who are all worthy of emulating. And then there are others, The ones who worked behind the scenes, The ones who made significant impact in their roles, but we don’t hear much about them. These are the Unsung Heroes. They may not be as well-known, but they played pivotal roles in God’s unfolding narrative. Even today, we have people all around us, in our communities and around the world, who also take on these heroic roles with very little recognition.

Join us as we take a close up look at the faithfulness and courage of the unsung heroes of scripture and even shine a light on some of the heroic activities taking place in our Detroit communities and around the world. May their example inspire us to play our part in God’s story and live lives of heroism even when it goes unseen. It’s never too late to be one of these Unsung Heroes: there’s one in all of us.